FD Consultants Psychosocial Support and Trauma Specialist Services

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Training and workshops

Training is an important factor in preparing and protecting staff and individuals when working in high stress environments. FD Consultants offers many training programmes, as shown below, and we can create bespoke training programmes as required.

  • Stress management and resilience building – to identify our stress cycle and to build our resources to manage our stress levels. Practical exercises to reduce stress, including mindfulness, movement and meditation.
  • Sexual violence awareness - to enable participants to better protect themselves against the threat of sexual violence, and be better placed to respond in the event of an incident occurring. To define sexual violence, challenge myths and build skills to support a colleague after a sexual violent crime.
  • Vicarious trauma - understanding how we can be impacted vicariously by traumatic events or traumatic material. Building coping strategies and practical skills in self-care.
  • Trauma awareness – to provide an understanding of trauma symptoms, and the physiology and neuroscience of trauma. Being able to recognise the signs of trauma in others, and ourselves. To gain skills in supporting someone who is traumatised.
  • Psychological First Aid – to equip aid workers with the basic knowledge and confidence to provide robust material and psychological support to colleagues and team members in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event. PFA training is offered in peer support programmes.

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