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Whatever crisis management plans may have been in place before COVID-19, the pandemic is demanding the highest level of response from organisations, and this impacts on staff in many ways. ‘Planning and preparation’, ‘structure and systems’, ‘working together’, and ‘culture’ are all words used to define ‘organisational’, and it’s here that the focus needs to be during a crisis response.

We have therefore created this page to share mental health and wellbeing information specifically regarding the impact of Covid-19. To download any of the resources, simply click on the links.

Covid-19 Support . BACP C19 Article

A crucial question is, how can organisations best look after their staff during this time and activate their crisis response to cover all aspects of crisis management? In this published article in the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Workplace Journal “Covid-19 working through the crisis" we address this question.

BACP Working through the Crisis

Covid-19 Support . 1HighRisk

Throughout the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis much emphasis has been placed on factors that might make individuals physically ‘high risk’ should they contract the virus. What we may have heard less about over recent weeks are factors that might lead those with mental
health difficulties to be at higher risk during this crisis. Find out more through our resource sheet below.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) & Mental Health ‘High Risk’ Groups

Covid-19 Support . 2ManagingCrisis

FD Consultants have a series of half day workshops to support staff during the Coronavirus period. Stress management for staff, mental health awareness for managers, and crisis response for leadership teams. This article guides leadership teams on how to support staff if an individual dies of Corvid-19.

Managing the Crisis of a Staff Member Dying from Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Covid-19 Support . 3WhatTaughtUs

Acknowledging the hardships many of us are experiencing through the Coronavirus period, (and at FD Consultants, our focus is to support anyone who is struggling psychologically), in this article we have decided to focus on the positive lessons Coronavirus has taught us as individuals and organisations.

What has Coronavirus Taught us

Covid-19 Support . 4CoronavirusDeployment

Having supported humanitarian staff prior to, during, as well as following deployments for many years and, in consideration of the unique and unprecedented circumstances of Coronavirus deployments, we have consolidated some reflections and considerations.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Deployments and Staying Resilient

Covid-19 Support . 5HealingPower

FD Consultants discuss the Healing Power of Community. The nature of the human spirit is resilient and strong; we thrive for survival against all odds. Trauma impacts our mind, body and spirit; it invades our internal and external world. Coronavirus is teaching us that we need to work collaboratively and unite as one human family to combat this virus.

The Healing Power of Community

Covid-19 Support . 6KeepItSimple

A pandemic is classified as a traumatic event. We feel things are out of our control. We don’t know when this will end. We have limited access to our usual coping strategies. We are forced to appreciate the smaller things in life. Access our support sheet ‘keep it simple’ and share with those you care about.

Coronavirus – Keep it Simple

Covid-19 Support . OrgResponseCovid

If you look up the definition of the word “organisational” you will see descriptions such as, planning and preparation, structure and systems, working together, and culture. This is exactly what organisations need to focus on during a crisis response. Coronavirus is at the highest level of a crisis response. At FD Consultants we specialise in supporting organisations when managing a crisis response.

Find out more about our services

Covid-19 Support . WellbeingCovid

As we move into a new ‘stepped up’ phase of managing the Coronavirus pandemic you may be feeling stressed and/or anxious. This is a very normal and appropriate response to what is unfolding around us. Nobody was prepared for this unique situation, and the uncertainty surrounding absolutely everything will impact us all.

How to cope with these new restrictions

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