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Molly and the Two Pigeons

Molly and the Two Pigeons is a short story for upper primary and lower secondary school children to teach them about Coronavirus in a fun and light-hearted way, and records a significant period of time in history. It could also be used as a teaching tool for parents or teachers.

A loveable puppy called Molly forms a friendship with two racing pigeons, Destiny and Grace, who live in a wooden hut in the adjacent garden. Grace is kind-hearted and takes a liking to Molly, Destiny is arrogant and is known as the fastest pigeon in the South, proven by his collection of medals. Their circle of friends expands to include Marv the wise Mandarin Duck, Flash Gordon the Goose, and Merlin the Mosquito.

This strange group of friends become united through one cause, to find a cure for the Coronavirus and help the people. Their adventures take them far and wide. They travel to China and learn about the origins of Coronavirus. They explore the Yangtze River, where they learn about the legend of the mountain peaks. They head to South Korea, where they learn about "Track and Trace" to prevent the spread of the virus. They also visit Oxford, England, where they explore how a vaccine is made. Their trip to Oxford coincides with a visit from Prince William, who Molly takes a great liking to and manages to get a royal stroke from.

Proceeds will be gifted to a charity to support the NHS and all those needing additional support from the impact of Coronavirus.

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Psychologically Safe Management Webinar

At a time when the atmosphere is becoming more and more anxious and job security more scarce, well-being at work is a top priority. Fostering well-being at the workplace means increasing the motivation, harmony, cohesion and agility of teams, as well as attracting and retaining employees.

In such conditions, his webinar explored what it means:
- To create psychologically safe work environments?
- To be an authentic leader?
- To role model good self-care and promote wellbeing in teams?
- To build an organizational culture where staff wellbeing is at the centre?

Presented on 20th January to CoCreate Humanity. Watch the seminar here

The Role of Community in Trauma Therapy Podcast

FIONA DUNKLEY is a trauma therapist and counsellor who has helped people and communities affected by war, terrorism and sexual violence. Drawing on experiences described in her new book - Psychosocial Support for Humanitarian Aid Workers - in these podcasts she tells us about the importance of community and its values in helping people overcome trauma.

Listen to the The Role of Community in Trauma Therapy Podcast
Listen to the Trauma & Counselling Podcast

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Psychosocial Support for Humanitarian Aid Workers: A Roadmap of Trauma and Critical Incident Care

Get your copy of Fiona's book, Psychosocial Support for Humanitarian Aid Workers. It will appeal to all those working in the field of humanitarian aid, counsellors and psychotherapists, emergency first responders, as well as those who are looking to support themselves after surviving trauma.

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The aftermath of Trauma

We all respond to crisis in different ways. Some may respond with a strong emotional reaction, while others may feel detached, some with anger or sadness. Response to crisis is as varied as each of our personalities, read our free guide on how to respond in the aftermath of trauma.

Aftermath of Trauma Guide

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